Since Jan 2017. Associate Professor in Philosophy. Universidad de los Andes

July 2013 - Dec 2016. Assistant Professor in Philosophy. Universidad de los Andes

Sept 2012 - June 2013. Postdoctoral Fellow. School of Mind and Brain. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


2012. Ph.D in Philosophy, Neuroscience, Psychology. Washington University in St Louis.

2002. M.A in Philosophy. Universidad Nacional de Colombia

1999. B.A. in Philosophy (Magna cum Laude). Universidad de los Andes


(FORTHCOMING)  Cognición Moral. En L. Skidelski, M. Aguilera y S. Barberis, Introducción a las Ciencias Cognitivas

(FORTHCOMING) Negligence: its moral significance. In J. Doris & M. Vargas (eds) Handbook of Moral Psychology. Oxford University Press: New York & Oxford.

(FORTHCOMING) Forgiveness as emotional distancing. Philosophy and Public Policy. June 2019.

(2018) Review of A. Fairweather & M. Alfano (eds.), Epistemic Situationism, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 08.14.2018.

(2018) Two kinds of intentions: a new defense of the Simple View Philosophical Studies 175 (7): 1767-1786.

(2017) Basic Actions Reloaded. Philosophy Compass 12 (9).

(2016) Slip-Proof Actions. In R. Altschuler y M. Grist (eds) Time and the Philosophy of Action. Routledge: New York & London.

(2015) The Argument from Slips. In A. Buckareff, C. Moya y S. Rosell (eds) Agency, Freedom, and Moral Responsibility. Palgrave Macmillan: New York.

(With John Doris) (2014) No Excuses: Performance Mistakes in Morality. In J. Clausen y N. Levy (eds) Springer Handbook of Neuroethics. Dordrecht: Netherlands.

(2013) Slips. Nôus, 47(3): 559-576.

Fellowships & Awards (upon Ph.D graduation)

Feb 2019-Octubre 2021. (with Manuel Vargas) LATAM Free Will, Agency, and Responsibility, John Templeton Foundation, US$1,229,839

Apr 2017 - Mar 2019. Getting Better at Simple Things: Understanding and improving vigilant control, John Templeton Foundation. US$160,430.

Jan 2017 - Dec 2018. Moral Emotions: Philosophical and psychological perspectives, School of Social Sciencies (Uniandes), US$15,000.

Jan - Dec 2015. Jóvenes investigadores, Colciencias (Grant #645). US$7,500 aprox.

May - June 2015. Travel Award, School of Social Sciences, Universidad de los Andes. US$2,000.

Mar 2014. Movilidad internacional, Colciencias (Grant #613). US$1,500 aprox.

2012 - 2013. Volkswagen Foundation Exchange Program.

Contact: samaya@uniandes.edu.co · Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad de los Andes, Cra 1a #18a-10, Bogotá, Colombia · (57) 1-3394949 x2530, 111711

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